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What is REACH? Rush Equipment Assisting Children, The REACH Program, was established in 2002 as a humanitarian effort within Rush Soccer. Players donate back their used soccer gear and equipment and then donate their time to help sort, package and ship gear to less fortunate children around the globe.

To date REACH has collected & distributed over 100,000 pieces of soccer In Rush Nation we answer the question “What is REACH?” with the reply “REACH is YOU!” Player by player, team by team, club by club we COLLECTIVELY and COLLABORATIVELY amount to SOMETHING so much LARGER than we could ever be on our own. AND WE SEE THAT IT MATTERS! At Rush Soccer we believe by instilling our Core Values and allowing our players the opportunity to participate in REACH we are developing lifelong responsible citizens of the world. 


Uniform Rebate:

The Rebate Program provides a $20 rebate per old Rush uniform kit donated to the REACH Program when a new competitve kit is ordered.  Because the Rebate program is intended to support REACH outfitting teams to play, both the home and away competitive game jerseys and 1 pair of game shorts are required to receive the rebate.  The rebate can either go back to the player donating or the player can choose to donate their $20 rebate back to their local club.

This program is coordinated at the local level by a REACH Volunteer Coordinator (RVC) who works directly with the Rush Global OutREACH Director.  Players and parents alike are needed to assist in the collecting, sorting and packing of the gear. Players who help are considered OutREACH Players and their volunteer service makes them eligible to take part in OutREACH Trips and apply for the REACH College Scholarship.

Most clubs hold the Uniform Collection as part of an overall REACH donation drive either annually or every other year as new kits are ordered.  Ask your local club to learn when you can give back to REACH or become a volunteer for this great program!

Player Programs

Gap Year

Rush Gap Year is an unique opportunity for our high school grads who are taking a year off prior to going to college. Experience a year of travel and adventure before college - The Rush Way!

Why Take Part in the Rush Gap Year?  

  • A year long structured travel opportunity!   

  • Continue to train and play soccer!

  • Gain new work and life skills while continuing to be part of The Rush in a whole new way!

Players select 1 domestic and 1 international club to include in their Rush Gap Year.  Players are responsible for all travel costs. Room and board provided by host family.

Applications accepted during spring semester, travel begins in July following high school graduation.  For more information contact [email protected]


OutREACH Trip:

Player OutREACH Trips provide the opportunity for U16-U19 REACH volunteers to take REACH gear and equipment to one of our International Rush clubs.   In addition to bringing gear and equipment, players will see new places, play soccer, meet other Rush players from clubs through Rush Nation and participate in community projects to help leave the locations we visit a little bit better.  Trip location and exact timeline varies each year, see below for the general timeline.

May 1st - (REACH Day) Trip locations announced

May - September Applications Accepted

October - Selected players notified

November 1st - Trip Payment Deposit Required (approx. $200)

December - April Fundraising, payments made, itinerary set

June - August Trip takes place


Rush Soccer’s love for the game and commitment to Rush Core Values is put into action through the REACH Program.  This humanitarian program is a volunteer centric program based on players and families donating both gear and their time, collecting and organizing shipments, resulting in distributing the equipment to underprivileged children in communities both locally and around the world.  

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Annually, May 1st is designated as REACH Day.  REACH Day was originally established in 2007 when the Colorado State Senate recognized the program for partnering with the US military and donating gear to Iraq as well as several shipments to various countries in Africa.  In years following, Colorado Rush used May 1 as a collection day for members to donate gear, often in combination with an in-house friendlies, participation free with donation to REACH.

Current Day

Beginning in 2018, REACH Day expanded to include all Rush Clubs, domestic, international as well as our pro affiliate Penn FC.  REACH Day is intended to spread awareness and appreciation of the program. Clubs are encouraged to participate by posting and sharing messages about their clubs REACH activity as well as their support for the program on Rush social and websites.  REACH scholarship awardees are announced on REACH Day as well as Player OutREACH Trip locations for upcoming trips.

Local clubs may also tie in donation drives (both for gear and funds) as well as volunteer sign up and program education to REACH Day if they choose.

Ultimately the primary goal of REACH Day is to showcase clubs REACH activity and generate new interest and activity for the program by using our social media sites to post and share videos.

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